Heart & Dedication.

Trivarga origins lie in the procurement of non-food articles for retailers in Switzerland. It underwent a significant re-alignment in 2009 to focus on the distribution of independent beverage brands as well as the development and production of private-label drink products. Ever since then, Trivarga has grown rapidly and become not only a leading player on the Swiss market but also a widely known service provider within the international beverage industry. The group is privately owned with all shares in the hands of the management team.

The core of Trivarga’s success lies in a simple commitment – heart & dedication.

Knowing that we are permanently in competition with supposedly more powerful players with bigger budgets forces us to be completely focused in all our activities and to aim relentlessly for success. And because we know the value of friendship, we strive to put our hearts first. We love our products, but we also love our customers and partners, and we want to be the company that people are drawn to.

The name Trivarga comes from Sanskrit and describes the trinity of all things – coming into being, existing, passing away. Work, merit, pleasure. Loss, perseverence, gain.

At Trivarga we live by this principle – always striving to keep the circle of things going and moving forward. And we motivate each other to live Trivarga – always looking for something new, always striving to move forward and grow, always aiming for perfection.