Success Stories.

Discover a few of our success stories.

Creating a New Category and Supporting its worldwide Rollout.

For a new brand with a top-tier international management team, Trivabida took the lead in developing an entirely new product line for a new functional category acted as exclusive production partner and managed supplies in course of their international market launch. We guided them through conceptualisation, functionality development, recipe creations, supply chain management, complex international regulatory affairs, worldwide dispatching, as well as scaling, stockkeeping and product diversity management. The successful roll-out included more than 40 countries within 18 months and a complexity of more than 600 SKU.

Reaching No. 2 Position for Energy Drinks within 3 Years.

For a leading company operating convenience chains and small-scale retail points of sale in Europe, we developed an energy drink series, which served as the cornerstone of their new, extensive private label product range. We also created the first successful multi-flavour strategy with finally more than 25 flavors based on a total of almost 200 recipes and reached Number 2 market position in our customer’s main domestic market within 3 years, causing one of the largest national drop in market share to the category leader.

Business Diversification
into Beverages.

To a leading international player in the online and mobile gaming industry, we assisted in their strategy to grow their successful digital business into tangible consumer goods and hence beverages. We helped them realising a full beverages line, including the development of category-specific assorted to their main game characters, executed all production, the partial management of distributors as well as the customization of recipes for diverse and country-specific market regulations.

From Zero to Category Leadership
in Europe.

Together with a well-established player with focus at that time on the Scandinavian market, we co-started a new brand development that ended up becoming the undisputed market leader an extremely fast-growing segment for functional beverages in all of Europe and partially beyond. Trivabida was first-step involved in the product creation and execution, production, market roll-out logistics and supply support, portfolio growth management and particularly raw material, packaging and stocks complexity handling.

Continuous Innovation as Key
to Market Success.

For almost 10 years by now, Trivabida is standing side-by-side to an important client on one of the Scandinavian markets that has gained significant reputation and executed tremendous success by continuously launching and supplying new and innovative products in a vast variety of categories to the country’s off-trade market. Trivabida has repetitively played a leading role in developing new products, acts as production partner and is supporting the customer in planning and supply chain matters.

Taking a Coffee Brand
to Cold Brew.

On behalf of an international, widely diversified player in among others the coffee industry, Trivabida got mandated to execute their plans and prototype product basis into a new series of cold brew coffees, which needed to be sparkling and containing fruit juice filled in a way to secure maximum shelf-life and hence proposing a significant technical realisation challenge. We led and operated all recipe development, production, specification management and delivery upon the client for launch in both, domestic as well as international markets.